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Restructuring of a set of oak frames

Restructuring house oak wood windows
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Frames in oak, 70 years of the twentieth century, Botrugno, LE.

State of affairs before the operation

Doors and windows not well made oak. In the past, window frames were the subject of a major woodworking intervention to try to mitigate planning errors. The brass bands have been added in this intervention.
The state of conservation of the windows was fair: numerous repainting prevented proper functionality of the fixtures, but the wood was in good storage conditions.

The surgery

The intervention goal was primarily to restore the functionality of the window frames, secondly remove the stratified coatings for use a protective coating of better aesthetic impact and especially of easier maintenance. The removal of paints present was the first, essential to have a clear picture of the conditions of the frames. E ‘was used to remove the paint remover liquid paint between the strip and strip. difficult to achieve with other mechanical tools.
For the flat surfaces it proceeded with a mechanical removal using a chisel transversely to the plane to lift the paint from the support.
Eliminated roughly paint in this way is passed to sanding with electromechanical sander to a smooth surface and ready to absorb the new paint.
It took some carpentry work and stucco spread.
Then it proceeded with the paint by brush in three drafts.
Some comparison images give an idea of ​​the work done
E ‘was chosen a synthetic paint impregnating wax Amonn effect, the product is called Lignex Renova plus.